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The 10 Best Summer Activities in Big Bear Lake

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

As the snow melts and the summer months arrive in Big Bear Lake, new activities begin to open up. Hiking, biking, and water sports become more available, offering extra chances for a vacation or weekend getaway!

Whether you are taking a family vacation or spending time with your significant other, we've compiled a list of the best local activities for you to enjoy.

1. Big Bear Village

Where else to start, but the center? Big Bear Village, in downtown Big Bear Lake, sports a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. We placed this at the top of our list because you can find something to do in Big Bear Village at any time of day.

Feel free to grab an early breakfast and people watch before a long hike. Visit a local gift shop and pick up a souvenir for a family member and let them know you were thinking of them. Or, swing into the bowling alley for some late-night competition.

2. Hiking

Looking to explore nature or get some exercise? Big Bear Lake offers a variety of trails ranging in difficulty from relaxing afternoon walks, to rigorous multi-mile hikes.

Beautiful scenery can be seen on any of these treks. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen no matter the trail you decide to take. And, always check the local precautions for each trail before you embark. If you are looking for a list of locations to hike, Alltrails offer a nice variety in both difficulty and distance.

3. Biking

Mountain Biking in Bear Bear Lake offers a different kind of excitement. The rush of riding the trails around Big Bear is both exciting and peaceful.

Luckily, for many of the visitors at Big Bear Townhouse, the Snow Summit lift can be used during both winter and summer months. Take the lift up and enjoy the ride down. And, best of all, if you get tired Big Bear Townhouse is situated right at the base of Snow Summit. Check out Big Bear Lake's activity page for more information in regards to biking at Big Bear Lake.

4. Water Sports

Are biking and hiking sounding a little too intense for the summer heat? How about water sports?

Families and couples can find a variety of activities around the lake. Boating, kayaking, and wakeboarding offer different levels of excitement, while swimming and fishing provide a more relaxing pace. Or, maybe mix up the day and try all of the above?

5. Relaxation

Speaking of relaxation, Big Bear Lake is host to several highly-rated spas. Go for that hike and head to the spa to relax. Or, surprise your significant other with a couples massage to enhance your romantic weekend getaway.

6. Skateboarding

Do you or your children skateboard, or have you ever been curious about trying? Not many vacation spots boast a skatepark, so now is the perfect time to give it a go! Easy to access off the main road, and filled with various ramps and rails, Big Bear Lake's skatepark is the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone or give your kids a place to enjoy the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa (while you and the S.O. get that massage).

7. Bobsledding

If skateboarding was never your thing, how about giving bobsledding a try? We know, bobsledding is typically a winter sport, but did you know Big Bear Lake offer's bobsledding during summer?

8. Go-Karts

Want a little more control over your speed rush? Or, maybe you are looking for some family competition (beyond bowling). Check out the go-karts at Big Bear Lake. Luckily, this activity provides different options depending on age, allowing all of your family members to enjoy the rush.

9. Rope Course

Looking for something with more a view? Big Bear Lake's Rope Course offers families excitement and a challenge as you navigate the ropes and bridges to get to the end of this elevated obstacle course.

10. Food

Nestled in the San Bernardino mountains, you wouldn't expect Big Bear Lake to sport much food variety. But that is far from true. Mexican, American, Italian, Sushi, Hawaiian, finding a meal to fit your palette is easier than expected. Want something spicy? Give Hawaiian a go. Feel like staying in the Big Bear Townhouse to watch Netflix? Do delivery. Or, maybe you want to grab a drink. Swing in and grab a margarita. The choice is yours! (Or your kid's) Trip Advisor offers a variety of options and reviews to help you decide.

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